Weekend Escape To Hurstpierpoint,West Sussex

A beautiful house in Hurstpierpoint

Last weekend me and my partner Ivan decided to visit a little town close by to where we live and to sink into its atmosphere.I have passed through it on the bus to Brighton and have imagined walking on its streets and photographing the interesting architecture.So the time to make this happening has come :0)

The village is called Hurstpierpoint and it is located in West Sussex.It is within easy reach from A23 and also there is regular bus service to Brighton stopping there.

A house on the main street of Hurstpierpoint

The village is chiefly one long street running east and west and most of the buildings in it are of the 18th century or later.

Unfortunately on Sunday most of the shops and coffee shops were closed ,so avoid this day of the week if you would like to have abroader choice of locals.Anyway I could not resist photographing the interior of this coffee shop thorugh the windon,because of the sign which made me laugh.Have a good look at it and try to read what it says ;so true these days when most of the people use their smart phones to talk to each other:0)

A Sunday vsit to the quircky village in West Sussex called Hurstpierpoint.Photos of local architecture and a restaurant.
‘No we don’t have wi-fi-talk to each other’

If you know me you would have noticed that I love photographing doors (I know many people who actually do ).Here are couple that have captured my attention while visiting Hurstpierpoint.

Travelling during a cold day has got its advantages-we always look for a nice,cosy ,local pub or restaurant with fireplace.TheNew Inn was our choice in Hurstpierpoint,where I enjoyed a lovely pot of tea with a hosemade bread pudding in custard close to the warm fireplace :0)

Our walk then continued on the main street and I enjoyed capturing few more beautiful houses’ facades …

Interesting facades of houses in Hurstpierpoint

We are are usually in search of far away places thinking they will be different and more interesting ,but apparently there are hidden gems just a short drive from our walk.We just need to be more specific of what we are looking for nd keep our mind open :0)