Plan your perfect Wedding Ceremony with Yvonne Beck-London Celebrant of the Year 2018 by Lux Life Global Awards

Yvonne Beck -London Celebrant of the Year 2018 by Lux Life Global Awards- ready for the Wedding

Celebrant Ready for the Wedding…. Ham Yard Hotel, photo Yvonne’s Iphone
Yvonne says:’This is just before the wedding ceremony for Kate and Peppy, – I am always there well in advance, and will help with ushering, seating, explain the ceremony flow to readers, or professionals working within the space so that everything goes smoothly.’

I was fortunate to come into contact with Yvonne in 2018, and would like to share with more people more about her and the fantastic service she offers.

Yvonne loves weddings!  She absolutely adores listening to couples and finding out what kind of ceremony they are looking for, and then helping them to create their special ceremony, which is uniquely crafted by herself, just for them.  She can write and conduct Ceremonies for any major milestone in life, and her focus is on Weddings, Vow Renewals and Baby Naming Ceremonies.   As a Wedding Celebrant who trained with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in 2011, she has had the pleasure of creating over 150 ceremonies.  She also offer something a little more unusual in that she is bilingual and works in both English and German, giving an added dimension to couples and families, who want to ensure everyone is included in their ceremony. 

Boxmoor Hall Wedding, photo Yvonne Beck iphone.Recreation of  Las Vegas Style  Wedding

Boxmoor Hall Wedding, photo Yvonne Beck iphone
‘Roxanne and Mark wanted to elope, have fun, have a destination honeymoor and chose a fabulous Las Vegas wedding, and got married in one of the famous Wedding Chapels on the Strip.  They had a fantastic fun wedding, with a limo and driver, and a videographer capturing their fun throughout the day.  After they returned, they asked me to recreate their ceremony at the lovely Boxmoor Hall Hotel in Hemel Hempstead, where the room was decorated in true Las Vegas Style, and guests were able to spin the roulette wheel, eat hot dogs and hot popcorn!  The cake was an amazing design based on the black and red suite of Hearts.  Before the ceremony began, guests were treated to their wedding highlights and we celebrated in fine style! ‘

As trusted wedding professional, Yvonne was kind enough to share with me the trends she has noticed in the weddings:‘I have noticed over the past three or four years in particular that couples are planning for a smaller more intimate wedding as against a much bigger event.  The smaller events, say around 25 to 75 guests, often help them to feel more involved, in control and also feel they can really get every detail perfect for their wedding.  A large wedding can be stressful and tiring – even if there are several great professionals on board.  Couples can feel quite overwhelmed with large numbers of guests and how to manage such a large event.  Expectations rise significantly around a Wedding, not least with the couple themselves who want every part of their day to be perfect, which in turn becomes a huge responsibility.  Smaller more intimate weddings and ceremonies allow couples to really attend to their guests and relax and enjoy what is hopefully one of the most important and happiest days of their lives.’

Charlotte and Ilker – ceremony at The Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Bath Road, London Heathrow  Photo Yvonne’s Iphone

Charlotte and Ilker – ceremony at The Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Bath Road, London Heathrow  Photo Yvonne’s Iphone
‘ Charlotte and Ilker met at work – she was in HR and he was in Hospitality.  It took some time for their romance to flourish, but it did, and in time they moved to take up roles together in luxury hotels abroad.  However, the place they met, and fell in love, was where they decided to hold their wedding ceremony.  With a Caribbean style theme, in the stunning pool bar area of the hotel, beautifully decorated with pink peonies and greenery, the ceremony took place on a small island in the pool!  It was followed by a wonderful steel calypso band and cocktails, after which a full wedding breakfast was held.’

Yvonne offers very personal service to her couples and supports them through tough the process of creating their wedding ceremony. She always asks couples to get in touch with her before making any decision about booking, and as long as she has their date available, this works through either face to face or skype calls initially.  Once the decision is made, then she asks for a small booking fee, which is deducted from the overall price, and then closes the date off exclusively for them. 

She will then send the couple some forms which help me to understand their ceremony process, and their relationship.  Further skype and emails and phone calls will of course take place.  The ceremony is usually approved around a month before the day itself, so that you are all relaxed and just happily anticipating the special day!

Jenny Wedding – The Long Barn, Newton Valence, GU34  photo Yvonne’s Iphone

Jenny Wedding – The Long Barn, Newton Valence, GU34  photo Yvonne’s Iphone
‘Jenny and Tom had a gorgeous outdoor wedding at this listed barn – around 120 guests arrived and enjoyed watching them say their vows and listening to their personal story, which was just so endearing!  Their Readings were a mix of religious and non religious, and we all sang the hymn Jerusalem together, chosen by Tom, its the official anthem of his beloved sport, Rugby Football!’

Yvonne supports the couple with assistance and advice – and this may include other professional vendors, music choices, choices of wedding readings from the large collection she have created over the years, and also one to one assistance with the writing of personal vows.  Most couples want to create something very personal and are fine, but if they need my help she can assist with examples and support. 

She can also help them to include culture or symbolism or even religion within the ceremony – it really is a completely blank page for them to draw and dream upon!  Some rituals are now getting to be quite well known – such as a Hand Fasting, where the couple have their hands tied with ribbons during the ceremony.  This is an ancient Celtic tradition which coined the phrase “Tying the Knot” and “ Bonds of Matrimony” as the ties were symbolic and rings were only really for the wealthy who could afford silver or gold rings as a symbol of their union. 

Happy HandFasting Completed

Happy HandFasting Completed – photographer unknown, provided by couple with permission
‘Eleanor and Sam are totally practical yet also very romantic and a wedding ceremony in her parent’s garden was simply wonderful.  On a beautiful warm sunny afternoon, we sat everyone on hay bales, and Sam and Eleanor stood in a stone circle with me.  Eleanor had recently given birth to their beautiful daughter, and she told me that her rings wouldn’t fit – what could we do?  Naturally I suggested a handfasting, with vows and promises, and this was a lovely choice, as we talked about their union, and the union of their families, and how being parents was so precious to them both.”

By now you may be asking what makes Yvonne unique in the service she can offer a couple planning their ceremony-she spends all the time that the couple needs and wants in terms of being there for them from the beginning of our relationship until the day – sometimes 3 or 4 months, sometimes up to 3 years! She has the ability to create ceremony in two languages, and a host of experience, advice and suggestions in terms of creating a totally personalised ceremony that is authentic and represents the couple and their values and lifestyle.Yvonne is happy to incorporate religion, faith, ritual, culture and support all couples who want a ceremony that speaks truly of their commitment.  She also has contact with great professionals and suppliers.

Jonathan and Clint – Ceremony at the Connaught Hotel, Mayfair.  Photographer unknown, provided by couple.
‘These boys wanted a ceremony that celebrated their Australian and Scottish Heritage, which we did by a surprise Gift Giving Ceremony for the mums!  The boys each gave their new mum in law a beautiful gift – one was an Australian sheepskin rug and the other a tartan rug.  At the moment of the Gift Giving however when I asked for the gifts to be presented they looked around…. No one came forward!  The guest in charge had left them in his hotel room !!  Needless to say after a bit of a scramble around London they were found, and was part of the fun and laughter of the day!’
Maria and Rav Wedding Day – photographer unknown, image sent by couple

Maria and Rav Wedding Day – photographer unknown, image sent by couple
‘ Maria is originally from Frankfurt, and Rav from London.  They were fated to meet, and to fall in love – and after several challenging years of a long distance relationship they were able to make a home together in London.  They both wanted a bilingual ceremony along with a German Tradition – the ring bearers are often small children in a German Wedding – and we managed to incorporate a surprise Rose Giving for their mothers too, thanking them for their love, care, inspiration, sacrifice and good advice 😊  This was a totally beautiful, relaxed, authentic and sincere wedding ceremony, on a hot summer’s day in a family garden.’

In the end of this blog I would like to share some final,lovely words from Yvonne, especially for all lovely couples who are on their journey of planning their wedding and ceremony.

‘I found Celebrancy work quite late in life, and just love being able to offer couples their unique love story, created with sincerity and authenticity as well as with love and humour.  Ceremonies can be held almost anywhere, at any time of day or evening, and any day of the week.  There are no restrictions, and I love that couples are more and more inclined to use favourite places or spaces where they can put their own stamp on the day, whether that’s indoors or outdoors, in gardens, by lakes, in woodland or forest, on boats or in manor houses. We have a mantra in my Fellowship, – “Your Day, Your Voice, Your Choice” and this is I think what I love most about my work, that it offers choice and gives them the day they have always dreamed of. 

Every love story is unique, and it is an honour to be trusted with every couple’s story.’

Yvonne has a full calendar for 2019 and is now taking bookings for 2020 and 2021.  She can be contacted by email at, or by phone +447800543426 or through her website where more information, videos, photos and testimonials can be found,

Yvonne is also in Social Media

@YvonneBeckCelebrant on Facebook

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NB  Yvonne’s Ceremonies are celebratory and ceremonial and totally personal and unique, and are not legally binding.  For couples seeking to register a marriage, they should obtain their Marriage Licence through their chosen Registry Office.  This is often done at a Standard Service which all Registry offices must offer, and costs approximately £60. 

Kate and Peppy Ring Exchange – Ham Yard Hotel Soho London, photo credit WeAreTheClarkes

Kate and Peppy Ring Exchange – Ham Yard Hotel Soho London, photo credit WeAreTheClarkes
‘Kate and Peppy wanted a fun and lighthearted wedding day, with a fusion of their heritage, and personal vows and promises – we held the ceremony on the rooftop garden area of the hotel, with family and friends.  A wedding Artist captured the scene as it unfolded. The live acoustic band played a beautiful mixture of music throughout and the couple had their first competitive game after the wedding, in the basement Bowling Alley at the hotel!  This wedding was featured in the fabulous Rock My Wedding Blog here’
Tami and Sam – Shotley Vineyard, Suffolk – photo credit Nicholas Wallace

Tami and Sam – Shotley Vineyard, Suffolk – photo credit Nicholas Wallace

‘ Tami and Sam love the sea, the water, and the outdoors, and chose this beautiful vineyard overlooking the estuary, as their ceremony space.  Tami has German heritage, and we created something which included vows and promises in both languages, along with a customized  Wine Blending Ceremony – which fitted our location perfectly!  Readings were given in both languages, and Tami’s mother sang and played the guitar – a beautiful and tender moment between mother and daughter!’